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12th to 14th July 2023, Pak China Friendship Center, Islamabad


Growth Opportunities

ایکسپو میں شرکت

Expo Participation

Participating in the expo offers growth opportunities for both ‘for-profit’ and ‘not-for-profit’ organizations. For ‘for-profit’ organizations, it provides a platform to project their brand and catalyze growth by connecting with a relevant audience. ‘Not-for-profit’ organizations benefit from aligning with subject experts, practitioners, and forming a platform for mutual learning, making their cause more vocal and effective.

Industry Sectors

ہر شعبہ زندگی سے تعلق رکھنے والے نمائش کنندگان

Diverse Exhibitors

The expo welcomes exhibitors from diverse sectors, including Information Technology, Search & Rescue, Food & Emergency Supplies, Shelter & Construction, Education & Professional Services, Insurance & Financial Services, Medical & Health, NGOs/INGOs, PPE & Sanitation, Business Continuity, and Government Agencies. This diverse representation enriches the expo, showcasing innovative solutions and services in disaster management.

Unlocking Opportunities

شرکت کے فوائد

Benefits of Participation

Participating in the expo offers benefits such as learning from subject experts, engaging with a meaningful audience, enhancing organizational profile, developing a stronger footprint, getting connected with potential collaborators, and being on the radar screens of relevant stakeholders.

Visibility and Recognition

آپ کے پروفائل کی تشہیر

Elevating Your Profile:

By participating in the expo, organizations enhance their visibility and recognition within the disaster management community. It provides exposure, credibility, and networking opportunities, positioning them as thought leaders and fostering growth.

Collaboration and Relevance

کاروباری روابط کا قیام

Creating Connections

The expo facilitates connections with like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering collaboration and shared efforts in building resilience. It ensures organizations are on the radar screens of key stakeholders, clients, and partners, establishing relevance and opening doors to potential opportunities.

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